Procurement Assistance

Program Description

NKADD provides technical assistance to local governments and special purpose governmental entities in order to establish sound purchasing and procurement procedures.

Who does the Program Benefit / What are the Benefits?

Counties, cities, and SPGEs can request assistance

Services Offered within the Program

Procurement of services, property, materials, equipment, and supplies:

  • creation RFPs and/or RFQs
  • bid advertisement
  • evaluation of bid proposals
  • contracting
Contact Information

For more information, contact Meghan Sandfoss at (859) 283-8198.

Kentucky Model Procurement Code (KRS 45A)
Kentucky State Price Contracts
Kentucky Surplus Property
Interlocal Agreements

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

The Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) for Northern Kentucky is a part of a continuing economic development planning process aimed at providing an analysis of Northern Kentucky’s economic successes, problems and opportunities. The CEDS sets forth a plan of action including goals and objectives; and establishing measures to determine whether and to what extent goals and objectives have been met.   

The results of this planning effort, as well as the plans from the fourteen other Area Development Districts, are presented to the Department for Local Government (DLG) for use in planning and development programs in Kentucky.   This plan conforms to requirements of the Economic Development Administration (EDA) Reform Act of 1998 that requires an economic development strategy in order to qualify for assistance under most EDA programs.   During this statewide effort by all fifteen area development districts, assistance and coordination was provided by the Department for Local Government. 

The CEDS is created every 5 years and updated annually. NKADD's most recent CEDS was created in 2017. The 2017 CEDS as well as the 2012 CEDS its updates are accessible below.

2018 CEDS Update

2017 CEDS

2016 CEDS Update

2015 CEDS Update

2014 CEDS Update

2013 CEDS Update

2012 CEDS



NKY WIB Holds 4th Annual WIA Awards Ceremony


Recognition of our local Youth, Discolated Workers and Employers

Covington,KY, September 8, 2015
TheNKWIB held their 4TH annualWIA AwardsceremonyattheKentucky Career Center,1324 MadisonAvenue,Covington.

The WIB recognized Chris Reinersman and DHL as our Outstanding Workforce Collaboration award winner. Mr. Reinersman and DHL’scollaborationand support of the WIB highlights the importance of community businesses working with their local WIB to prepare and educate job seekers for employment.

The WIB recognized Mark Freudenbergas our Employee of the Year for his dedication and leadership to coworkers, partners, and businesses. His stellar example of commitment and involvement in the Career Center operations makes Mark worthy of high recognition.

Keith Jones was recognized as the Dislocated Worker Alumnus.  Keith is attending NKU to earn his bachelor’s degree in social work while working for the WIA/Career Connections.

Austin Crowell was recognized as the Alumnus Youth.  Austin is currently earning his Bachelors of Science in nursing at the University of Louisville.  Upon completion of his degree he will pursue the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist doctorate.

Our Outstanding Career Center Alumnus is Angel Merkel.  Angel encountered many barriers to school and work and has risen above them to succeed in both.  She is successfully employed with Cengage Learning in Florence, and her coworkers say Angel is an efficient and conscientious worker.   Congratulations to all our WIA Award recipients.


If you would likemore information about this topic, please contact NKADD at 859-283-1885 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

So, You Want an IT Job?

by Bryan M. Cobb listed “Big Data” as the #1 field for growth in jobs while it was also listed in the “Where the Hot Jobs Will Be 2018-2025”. Along with Health Informatics, these fields are seeing explosive growth right now and we’re not seeing any slow-down.  So what does this mean for you?  It means that there will be plenty of jobs for the foreseeable future in Information Technology!

According to, “Big Data is the term used to describe the enormous amount of data that companies are accumulating thanks to advanced computer technology”.  So with all of this information being collected, that opens the door for professionals who have a background in data mining, database programming, web programming, data center operations, storage and the list goes on and on.  So how does one become a “professional who has a background” in these technologies?  This is the hard part and the one that takes the most work.  The old adage nothing is easy comes to mind…but with a little hard work and some strategic connections, you can position yourself to land one of these high paying, lucrative jobs.

Like most careers, it starts with laying the foundation by obtaining an education.  However make sure you think through every step of this process.  I’ve seen individuals spend $20k on an IT education only to not use it and fall back into a life of low paying and/or non-technical jobs. Do you have a family to provide for?  Do you have the time to complete your educational goal?  Once you obtain your education, can you afford to possibly take a pay-cut to start out in a new field?  Unfortunately, obtaining the education doesn’t automatically grant you a high paying tech job.

If you do decide this is the right career path and you can pull it off from start to end, a 4 year degree from a university is the best option; however community colleges and 2-year technical schools offer decent alternatives. Before signing on the dotted line with any community college or technical school, make sure your classes will transfer to a 4-year university.   Also make sure the school has intern opportunities that can help you get the experience you need while you are attending school. Northern Kentucky University has a co-op program as well as the Center for Applied Informatics “virtual co-op” program.  This program allows students to work with NKU faculty and perform real world work for companies all over the globe, thus gaining them the experience they need in a college setting.

“Northern Kentucky University’s Center for Applied Informatics Virtual Co-op Program was honored for its success in adapting the traditional co-op education model, offering paid internships to students, into an initiative that provides almost all services virtually. The program now serves more than 120 students per year, and students develop mobile apps, websites, and similar products for more than 200 companies and non-profits, as well as providing services to 50 start-ups.”

The next step is gaining experience and networking. If you were smart about where you chose to go to school, you already have a head start and hopefully an “in” with a company in which you’ve interned for. This is a critical stage of your career which can make or break many people.  You will need to keep your foot on the gas with attempting to gain experience as well as networking with other IT professionals.  Several ways to do this is to join local IT networking groups in your area. I’ve listed a few ways to do this below.  Another way to do this is to use effectively (which is a whole other write-up). LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking site and offers many professional groups which in-turn, offer networking events. Some organizations are really good about using LinkedIn to post job ads as well, so make sure you are receiving regular updates.

The biggest challenge to starting your career will be getting your foot in the door.  It’s almost a catch 22. No one will hire you without experience so how do you get experience? This is why that internship while you were going to school is so important. If you don’t end up with an internship, you might have to get creative. Talk to the organization you work with now to see if you can spend a little time with the IT department helping them out. Don’t have time in your current gig? Tell them you will help them out on your own time; pro-bono. Volunteer your time with another organization who might benefit from your IT skills and use these efforts to build your resume. No one said this would be easy, but the hard work will pay off. In the end, you could end up with one of those high-paying lucrative jobs in Big Data.


Bryan is the IT Director for the Northern KY Area Development District (NKADD) and has over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry. Bryan started his career at Northern KY University where he interned for American Linen Supply in Florence, KY.  His first real job was doing data entry and reporting for a radio research company before moving on to a programming position at a marketing firm in Cincinnati. Bryan climbed the ladder into Networking Services and was promoted to Senior Network Engineer before becoming the IT Director at the NKADD.


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