Telecommunications Services & Unified Communications RFP

The Northern Kentucky Area Development District (NKADD), a local government public agency, is accepting proposals for Telecommunications Services & Unified Communications.

Sealed proposals are due by 3:00pm on December 12, 2018, at which time they will be publicly opened. NKADD reserves the right to reject any and all proposals.

Information received after the date and time set for opening requests for proposal will not be considered and will be returned unopened to the Submitter. It is the sole responsibility of the Submitter to assure that his/her information is received by the NKADD before the date and time set for opening the Request for Proposal.

Telecommunications Services & Unified Communications (PDF - 209 KB)

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  1. The RFP states: “…the new service provider will need to fully alleviate NKADD of termination penalties assessed by the current service provider. The estimated termination penalties are $12,500…” Is the intent of NKADD that the new provider(s) issue a check to NKADD in that amount, or is it the intent that discounts/promotions be offered to off-set this cost? For example – waiving $12,500 of installation fees? If the intent is that a check must be issued to NKADD, is not offering a $12,500 payment cause for disqualification to the RFP and if not, how many points would be lost due to not providing this?
    It is acceptable for the proposing solution vendor to provide this as a one-time payment to NKADD directly or a one-time credit for either upfront or monthly services for the proposed solution.

  2. Does NKADD want to keep or replace their MPLS solution (it is believed that it is the goal to go from internet + MPLS to SDWAN, but we wanted to verify that we correctly understood)?
    The goal is to replace the MPLS solution.

  3. Does NKADD want a backup internet solution as well as the primary internet solution requested? If so, are there any design parameters on the backup?
    There is no requirement for a backup internet solution.

  4. Is it required that the SDWAN Solution include voice prioritization back to the hosted (cloud) voice platform? If not, are points gained/lost by offering this (how many)?
    This is a requirement.

  5. It appears that NKADD is requesting: Primary Internet at speeds indicated + Possible Backup Internet Solution + SDWAN Solution (fully monitored) to continually best route internet traffic for best utilization + Analog lines for alarms & fax + Hosted Voice Solution. Is it the goal for NKADD to receive a single bill for these various services? If so, how many points are gained/lost by providing or is having multiple bills a cause for disqualification of the proposal? Also, are points gained/lost by having a single number to call to initiate support for any of these items, or is NKADD fine calling each of the appropriate providers based upon the issue?
    A single bill and single point of contact is desired. No loss or gain of points based on multiple bills or multiple provider support lines.

  6. With the current WAN infrastructure for NKADD being Meraki, is it the goal to utilize Meraki for the SDWAN? If so, are the routers MX Routers?
    NKADD currently has an MX84 at HQ and MX64s at both Covington and Georgetown. However, the proposed solution should include it’s own SD-WAN solution that provides direct peering with the proposed cloud voice platform. NKADD will continue to use the MX as routers/firewalls on site.

  7. Just verifying numbers: Total of 96 UCaaS seats: (HQ (90) + Covington (2) + Fort Mitchell (0) + Georgetown (4)).
    Those numbers are correct.

  8. On the Skype for Business integration requested – Is it the goal to have voicemails integrate to MS Outlook 365 and allow dialing out of MS Outlook Contacts OR is it the goal to use the Skype for Business client for call control, IM, collaboration, etc. rather than the client from the hosted voice provider?
    The goal is to use the Skype for Business client for call control, IM, collaboration, etc.

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