Public Safety Radio System Subscriber Units

The Northern Kentucky Area Development District (NKADD) on behalf of the Fiscal Courts of Boone, Campbell, and Kenton Counties hereby requests information for Public Safety Radio System Subscriber Units to be provided in accordance with terms, conditions and specifications established herein.

Information received after the date and time set for opening requests for information will not be considered and will be returned unopened to the Submitter. It is the sole responsibility of the Submitter to assure that his/her information is received by the NKADD before the date and time set for opening the Request for Information.

Sealed proposals are due by 2:00 pm on December 20, 2017, at which time they will be publicly opened.

NKADD reserves the right to reject any and all proposals.

Public Safety Radio System Subscriber Units


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  1. What is the estimated cost of the Public Safety Radio System Subscriber Units?
    Cost estimates are being handled by the individual agencies that will procure the radios. A consolidated list of estimated costs has not been developed.

  2. Has the Department allocated funding for the Public Safety Radio System Subscriber Units yet? If so, through which source (budget, CIP, state/federal grant etc)? If no funding is secured, which sources will be sought and when? If utilizing a grant, would you be able to specify which one? 
    The funding of the subscriber units is being handled by the individual entities throughout Northern Kentucky. Funding sources vary by purchasing entity.

  3. What other systems will have to integrate or interface with the Public Safety Radio System Subscriber Units, and will the Department provide incumbent vendors for each system?
    Subscriber units will integrate with radio systems operated by the Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport (Harris), the State of Ohio (Motorola) and the State of Indiana (Motorola).

  4. Does the Department need to replace or upgrade any of the integrated systems in the next 5 years? If so, which system and when?
    Any upgrades of the systems above would be handled by the agencies listed. The plans of these agencies are beyond the scope of the NKADD.

  5. Does the Department anticipate any professional or consulting services may be needed through separate procurements to accomplish this effort? (i.e. project planning/oversight, PM, QA, IV&V, staff augmentation, implementation services etc.)? If so, what services does the Department desire and how do they anticipate to procure?
    - No additional professional or consulting services are anticipated at this time.

  6. Will this be the final procurement necessary to complete the NKADD Radio System project? If not, what else will be procured and when?
    It is anticipated that individual counties involved in the project may procure communications towers and/or refurbished communications shelters as part of this project. Procurement of these items will occur in late 2017 and early 2018.

  7. Page 2 of the RFP indicates one (1) year from date of contract signing, with your option to renew for one (1) year. I believe it’s at the bottom of the pricing spreadsheet where it indicates under the heading of Product Catalog, you ask for: Discount off of list price for three (3) years after initial purchase for radios and accessories. Does this mean radios/accessories from our catalog that are not specifically quoted above that section (that are only guaranteed pricing for two (2) years total)? Are you looking for just a straight contract % off list price if not specified above, that is guaranteed for three (3) years? If so, does that then also include all “proposed” radios/accessories for that third (3rd) year? Please advise on what exactly you are looking for there, so we can give you what you’re looking for.
    The intent here is to secure pricing for the subscriber units that would allow agencies to replace their legacy subscriber units within a two year period if necessary. This approach is intended to allow agencies time to budget for procurement and still have valid pricing should any unforeseen circumstances delay the completion of the project.  As noted in the General Information section of the RFP, we are working to align the procurement of the radios with the completion of the system which is currently on scheduled for November of 2018.

    The three year catalog discount is intended to cover any items that are not listed in the RFP pricing sheets yet may be needed.  An example would be audio accessories such as throat microphones.  The intent is to have a procurement vehicle in place for these types of items during the initial two year purchase window and for one additional year.

  8. Does NKADD require pricing on public service grade mobile? If so, please include it in the pricing sheet section.
    A specific distinction between public safety and public service mobile radios was not made. Respondents may offer more than one model of radio in each category of mobile and portable radios. A public service grade mobile may be offered using the following matrix for the offering: rfpImage1

  9. Section 1.1.1, does NKADD require both DES and AES encryptions or would AES encryption only suffice?
    Both DES and AES encryption are desired. Respondents should detail any cost savings that can be achieved with AES encryption only.

  10. Does public service grade portables require encryption?
    NKADD is requesting pricing for public service radios with encryption. Vendors are requested to add an additional item to the pricing matrix indicating the cost per radio that can be deducted if encryption is not needed. An updated matrix is included below: rfpImage2

  11. Does antenna system need to be included for the control station? If so, specify length of coax cable for the antenna.
    No. There too many variations with regard to existing control station radio installations to specify the antenna and coax length. It is anticipated that these items and associated costs would need to evaluated and priced on a case by case basis.

  12. Under Programming on the price pages, they provide a line for programming software as well as a System Key package.  It also asks for pricing for "Radio Programming Management Software/Package".  Can the customer provide clarification on how this line differentiates from the first two line items under Programming?
    This line was intended to capture cost of software packages that are used to track and manage radios and their associated personalities/code plugs as described in Section 1.1.5 of the RFP. It was noted during the RFI process that some manufactures offer products that allow for more centralized management of radios and their personalities. The NKADD seeks pricing of these types of radio/radio personality management packages.

  13. Also under the Programming section, there is a line item for "Radio Encryption Software". Is this referencing adding AES encryption to a radio after the initial purchase?
    This line was intended to capture the cost of any software packages or devices that will be needed to manage the encryption keys. It was noted during the RFI process that the encryption key management and programming varied by manufacture. The NKADD seeks pricing for these encryption key management/programming packages.

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