911 Emergency Telephone System RFP

The Northern Kentucky Area Development District (NKADD) on behalf of the Fiscal Courts of Boone, Campbell, Gallatin, Kenton and Pendleton Counties hereby requests pricing for a 911 Emergency Telephone System.

Information received after the date and time set for opening requests for proposal will not be considered and will be returned unopened to the Submitter. It is the sole responsibility of the Submitter to assure that his/her information is received by the NKADD before the date and time set for opening the Request for Proposal.

911 Emergency Telephone System

911 Emergency Telephone System Price Sheet

Mandatory Pre Bid Meeting Sign In Sheet



Please note, the specs to the new logger being installed is pending

Additional Questions PDF

Additional Questions PDF 2

ATT QuestionsQuestions

In Digital Questions

  1. Page 8. Section 1.2. Fourth Paragraph. States the Counties may elect to execute 3 separate purchase agreements. Since there are 5 counties involved, why 3. Do we know which 3 these are?
    3 was a typo, there are five counties in this RFP and we may elect to execute five different purchase agreements

  2. Page 9. Diagram. It’s very difficult to read. Can you provide the diagram as a separate document that easier to read (Not as blurry).
    Cincinnati Bell Circuit Layout

  3. Page 13. Can you clarify the number of positions for Campbell?
    The number is positions isn't listed here in the narrative. Page 47, 5 positions

  4. Page 14. Can you clarify the number of positions for Gallatin?
    The number is positions isn't listed here in the narrative. Page 47,3 positions

  5. Page 17. Section 1.7.1. Is the last day to submit question April 17?
    We will allow last date for questions April 27

  6. Page 26. Section 1.12.3. Mentions the pricing sheets having 4 categories. The pricing sheet I have does not have a section for the system wide costs. I only see tabs for services related directly to the 5 counties. Is there another sheet?
    It is the desire to list pricing per county per operator position, if there are system wide charges, list separate.

  7. Page 31. Section 2.7. In the document hierarchy, State of Work is listed as b. However, in the RFP requirements, I don’t see SOW be a required document under Section 1.12.
    Please add statement of work to response

  8. Page 33. Section 2.18. Can you confirm that payment milestones are only applicable to both the system/infrastructure cost and up front CPE costs?
    This is addition to the monthly payments required per Center.(Payments would only apply to one time infrastructure charges and not the monthly charges listed in the price pages

  9. Page 41. Section 3.2. Has the customer received approval from Cincinnati Bell to use their existing network and host locations? Are we certain Cincinnati Bell will make this available to all vendors, and not just one...therefore making this sole source?
    Yes, design is subject to approval.

  10. Page 42. Section 3.5. Can we also proposal a 10 year costing an additional option?

  11. AT&T is requesting a deadline extension for proposal response of three weeks (May 25th).
    This is not possible due to grant deadlines

  12. Is NKADD looking to take ownership of the Call Handling infrastructure or have it provided as a service model offering?
    Provided as a service model offering.

  13. Section 1.12 says an owner or officer of the corporation must sign off on this proposal. Given AT&T’s size and number of employees would NKADD be okay with the signature of an authorized employee that is not an officer?
    Authorized employee is ok with me.

  14. AT&T is requesting permission to locate one or both hosts ANI/ALI controller equipment and ALI database Management services in the Commonwealth of Kentucky versus within the Cincinnati Bell LATA area. Counties would like to avoid additional network and circuit costs.
    We believe we can offer a fully redundant solution that could provide additional benefits and financial savings to NKADD if you are interested.

  15. Would NKADD be open to a true NG911 environment where both the call handling (ANI/ALI controller) and Selective Routing of the calls where done in NG911 (ESInet) versus a traditional legacy Selective Router arrangement?
    YES the current 911 platform serving the PSAPs is NG911.

  16. Are you expecting vendors to utilize the Cincinnati Bell existing locations for ANI/ALI controllers within the Cincinnati Bell facilities and if so how much is the cost for this data center space (Space, power & AC)?
    Information has been provided

  17. Section 3.3 AT&T is requesting permission to use network services that includes connectivity not provided by the Cincinnati Bell IP network. Counties would like to avoid additional network and circuit costs. IS this feasible or does one have to use existing CB provided network?
    Yes it is feasible, however Counties would like to avoid additional network and circuit costs.

  18. Section 3.3 Will delivery of the 911 calls be via Cincinnati bell CAMA trunks?
    It can be CAMA or T-1 for the 911 lines only.

  19. Section 5.4.3 AT&T asks for an exception to use serial ALI outputs to deliver ALI information to remote PSAP’s CAD, logging recorder and mapping systems.
    Respondent will be required to be compliant with current NENA standards for ALI

  20. Section 5.7.3 Is WAN connectivity to each remote PSAP acceptable with an Ethernet interface as opposed to a DS1 digital interface?
    If alternative is proposed to CBT network, respondant is to provide network design for approval.

  21. Section 5.7.5 Will interface testing of remote PSAPs CAD, logging recorders and mapping systems be supported by mutual testing with each of the vendors personnel?
    Interface testing for remote PSAPS will be performed by staff who have been trained and are proficient in the technologies they are testing

  22. Section 5.14.1 Does the system need to support receiving wireless video images with the initial installation as the standards are not yet fully published?
    Should be designed for that capability.

  23. For the project above, has an estimated budget and start date been established and is there a specific address or location for the work site?
    - Boone County currently connects IP from the phone system to the logger
    - Gallatin County is an Analog connection to the logger
    - Address of PSAPS are included in RFP
    - Cincinnati Bell host locations will be provided at pre bid on Friday
    - We do not have an estimated budget

  24. I do have a question about the above referenced RFP. Are you looking for the cost proposal to be a separate section within the proposal in the same binder or is the requirement to have two completely separate binders one for the proposal and the other for the cost proposal.
    It is preferred to have two separate documents


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