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Brief History

Kentucky’s fifteen Area Development Districts comprise a statewide network of multi-county planning and development organizations. We serve as a forum, clearinghouses, technical center, convener for the region and provide continuity to projects during the transition of local elected officials. The ADDs strive to foster regional strategies, solutions and partnerships that achieve sustainable economic growth and improve the overall quality of life for the citizens of Kentucky. Unlike many other organizations structured along multi-jurisdictional lines, the ADDs have both federal and state statutory authority (KRS 147A). The Northern Kentucky Area Development District was organized and held it’s first Board meeting in September, 1971.

How many ADDs are in Kentucky and how are they governed?

There are fifteen ADDs in Kentucky covering all 120 counties and 435 cities. The NKADD Board is organized to include at a minimum the County Judge Executive from each county, mayors and non-elected citizen members from each county. The NKADD is fully audited by an independent CPA annually and submits at least semiannual reports of activities and expenditures to the contracting agency, state and federal. More frequent reports are provided for those programs requiring same. Periodic statewide evaluations have found all Area Development Districts to be fully accountable. The NKADD meets in open public meetings. The Board of Directors elects officers annually The NKADD has an array of advisory and ad hoc committees which deal with nearly every facet of community life. They are staffed with qualified, dedicated, fully trained professionals, who are responsible to the communities in the area they serve.

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