Council on Aging

Program Description

The Council on Aging is an advisory council that has been established under provisions of the federal Older Americans Act, as amended, and the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Department for Aging and Independent Living. The Council on Aging serves as an advisory body to the NKADD’s Board of Directors in most matters relating to the Northern Kentucky Area Development District / Area Agency on Aging and Independent Living. The Northern Kentucky Area Development District/Area Agency on Aging and Independent Living was one of the first (in 1973) of the fifteen Area Agencies on Aging to be created in Kentucky. It serves the elderly in Boone, Campbell, Carroll, Gallatin, Grant, Kenton, Owen and Pendleton counties. The Council on Aging is composed of volunteer members representing the interest of older adults in the eight county NKADD region.

Council on Aging’s Purpose & Responsibilities

  • To provide input and recommendations regarding the development of the annual aging area plan. To advise the NKADD Board of Directors on all matters relating to the development and administration of the annual aging area plan and operations conducted thereunder.
  • To review the budgets and programs relative to the aging services administered by the Northern Kentucky Area Development District.
  • To provide input and recommendations in the development and updating of policies and procedures and resource materials.
  • To communicate through the various media information designed to promote community understanding of the needs of older adults and to stimulate appropriate action to meet those needs.
  • To utilize the findings and recommendations of the Council on Aging members.
  • To render assistance where feasible and to bridge gaps among government agencies, service providers, ongoing programs and their recipients.
  • To represent the interests of all older persons with special emphasis on persons with the greatest social and economic needs. To encourage all demographic elements of the Northern Kentucky community including youth, young adults and the middle-aged, to be involved in activities related to older persons.
  • To serve as a conduit through which organizations can exchange information and collaborate in joint endeavors to serve the elderly.
  • To participate in the public hearing process.
  • To promote programs on aging characterized by:
    • pro-active leadership and innovation.
    • planning, coordination and evaluation of efforts.
    • joint funding of activities and services.
    • meaningful volunteer opportunities for the elderly to serve their communities.
    • the involvement of older adults in cultural, social action,  and self-help activities and programs.
  • To study and develop information and resources in which recommendations for legislation and other governmental action beneficial to older adults may be used.


The Council on Aging is composed of two representatives from each of the eight counties comprising the Northern Kentucky Area Development District, except that in those counties where the population is in excess of 30,000 there is added one member for each full 30,000 population segment that is in excess of the base 30,000 population. Local veterans’ health care facilities have one representative member and there is one at-large member. The Judge Executive of each County comprising the Northern Kentucky Area Development District appoints members from his or her respective County to serve on the Council on Aging. The Chairperson of the NKADD Board of Directors appoints the Chairperson of the Council on Aging as well as the veterans’ health care facilities member and the at-large member.

Council on Aging Members

OfficersCampbell CountyGallatin CountyKenton County
Pat Raverty (Chair) – Boone CountyRegina ClosVacantGarry Neltner
Robert Young – Vice ChairpersonMarsha Dufeck Connie Baynum
Pam Pangburn – Secretary Pam PangburnGrant CountyBecky Darnell
 Vera PowellPat ConradTerry Deavy
Boone CountyMonty Joe LovellRosemary Hoffman
Heather Baily Carroll County 
Nancy CollinsRobert YoungOwen County Pendleton County
Angela GreeneSherry AyresJanet Scanlon
Pat Gutzeit  
Brian Heckbar  
 David Sarker   
Veteran’s Health   
 Diana Hermann    

Contact Information

For more information, please contact Anne Wildman, Associate Director – Human Services Division, at 859.283.1885.