Northern Kentucky Housing Data Study RFP

Request for Proposals – Northern Kentucky Housing Data Study

The Northern Kentucky Area Development District (NKADD) will administer and serve as fiscal agent for the Request for Proposals (RFP) for a Northern Kentucky Housing Data Study. The RFP solicits proposals for a housing data study in up to eight-counties of Northern Kentucky, which will be jointly funded by local county governments and other interested parties. Each county may determine their interest in participating once submissions are received and evaluated.

A housing data study for Northern Kentucky has been discussed for several years. Various agencies and stakeholders made efforts in the 2010s and more recently in the 2020s to provide baseline data that would shed light to local leaders about the availability of housing in general in our community. This work is critical for economic and community development. Those working on this project know that we can’t move forward without the participation of many local partners, including non-profit and for-profit developers, realtors, landlords, workforce development organizations, employers and the philanthropic community. This study is designed to be just a first start to share common data.

The RFP details the requisite components of this study. The project contemplated in this RFP represents a starting point for regional work around housing availability and affordability based on current local labor market conditions. Using a phased approach to this work, this RFP and corresponding study represent the first phase, which will establish baseline data to assess where Northern Kentucky communities stand in terms of housing inventory, location, pricing, etc. It will inform future work by encouraging a coordinated regional approach.

Responses to the RFP are due November 18, 2022 at 3:30pm EST. Deadline for RFP submission EXTENDED to Wednesday, November 23 at 3:30pm. At the same time, project funders are being confirmed and an RFP evaluation team is being developed. Questions related to this RFP must be delivered via email to Tara Johnson-Noem at

RFP Questions and Responses
In cases when prospective applicants have asked questions of the NKADD staff beyond what is already included in the Request for Proposals document, the additional questions and subsequent answers will be posted here:

1. Will this include PVA data for each participating county?
NKADD is working with stakeholders including the planning entities for our multiple counties to arrange for PVA data to be made available. We have received positive verbal assurances of cooperation and assistance in each county. While we do not have any official MOUs in place yet, NKADD is committed to serving as a liaison between the PVAs and the consultant to assist with procuring available data.

2. Will the data include parcel level details?
The chosen consultant will have access to all data managed by Boone County Planning Commission and Planning and Development Services of Kenton County (this will include Kenton and Campbell County data). See response above for data managed by county Property Valuation Administrators (PVA).

3. Will this include data from PDS in Kenton County?
Yes, see above.

4. In what format will the data be provided?
The standard is file geodatabase unless something different is specifically requested. Other common formats are ESRI Shapefile, AutoCAD, and even Excel in certain circumstances, depending on the data requested. 

5. Have any previous housing studies been done in this region, at the regional or local level? When were these studies completed?
Extensive housing studies have been done across the river in Hamilton County, Ohio by LISC. Also, there are resources we have seen at the county level from statewide sources, including: NLIHC Released their Annual Report “Out of Reach 2021; The High Cost of Housing”.

6. Has a Steering Committee been formed for the project? Who is represented on that committee?
The steering committee is being formed now and plans are for it to be comprised of representatives from local governments, for-profit and non-profit organizations and philanthropic organizations.

7. The RFP mentions increased economic development. Are there significant developments that have had disproportionate impact on one or more counties in the region?
The RFP references the economic development of the region overall, and the subsequent increased demand for talent generally across the region, rather than a specific project or development.

8. Are there particular regions of the country that NKADD looks to as a model for economic growth?
There is not a particular region that NKADD is considering as a model for economic growth at this time.

9. Do you expect to have detailed recommendations by County and regionwide?
We do hope for detailed information about employment / residential areas within counties, not only at the county or regional level.

10. The project will likely require some stakeholder engagement. Do you expect stakeholder engagement to take place in person? Virtually? Or a combination?
A combination.

11. Will NKADD be available to assist with engagement scheduling and facilitation?
Yes, NKADD anticipates providing some support and facilitation.