Water Supply Planning

Program Description

In an effort to encourage regionalization, consolidation and partnership, Senate Bill 409 was passed in 2000. This bill required the Area Development Districts (ADD) across the state to work with the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority (KIA) to develop water management planning areas that would encompass the entire Commonwealth in an effort to encourage service expansion and regionalization and prioritize funding from multiple federal/state funds.

In the planning process established by SB 409, the NKADD water coordinator enters proposed projects into project profile forms prescribed by KIA. This process enters the project into the WRIS (Water Resource Information System) maintained by KIA and linked to eClearinghouse. Water project proposals are then presented to the water management planning council, which reviews them and prioritizes projects. Once local projects have been reviewed and prioritized, the next step involves combining separate planning council project proposals into a regional water plan.

Who does the Program Benefit / What are the Benefits?

Counties, cities, and utilities that seek funding for water and sewer projects.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact Jeff Burt at 859.283.1885.

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Water Resource Information System