Participant Directed Services (PDS)

Program Description

The Participant Directed Services (PDS) program is available for individuals who qualify for an institutionalized level of care as determined through eligibility for one of Kentucky’s Medicaid Waiver Programs.

PDS allows individuals to choose who provides their non-medical waiver services (such as personal care, home making, respite and other services depending upon waiver and plan of care) allowing them greater freedom of choice, flexibility, and control over their supports and services. Individuals can choose to direct all or some of their non-medical waiver services.

Participants choosing the PDS option become the employer of those individuals providing his/her care and are then responsible to hire and train employees and review employee timesheets for corrections prior to submission for payment. The participant can choose a qualified family member or friend to be their representative to serve in this employer role. The representative cannot be a paid employee.

There are four Medicaid Waivers in Kentucky that offer the PDS option:

  • Home and Community Based (HCB)
  • Michelle P (MP)
  • Supports for Community Living (SCL)
  • Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Acute
  • Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Long-Term Care

Services Offered within the Program

The Northern Kentucky Area Development District provides Support Broker/Case Management and Financial Management Services which are required for the PDS program. The Support Broker/Case Manager will determine participant’s eligibility for the waiver program, assist with managing the participant’s budget and employees, and provide linkage and recommendations for other resources that may be needed. The Financial Management Service will handle the payroll and taxes for the participant’s employees.

Depending upon the participants plan of care and waiver type, various services and supports are possible such as:

  • Home making
  • Personal Care
  • Respite Care (to relieve a primary caregiver)
  • Community Living Supports (to maximize community involvement and reinforce plan of care goals such as effective socialization with peers)
  • Attendant Care (to provide care while a primary caregiver is working)
  • Goods monies (to assist in purchasing medically necessary supplies such as incontinent goods, nutritional supplements and other items needed depending upon plan of care and approval)
  • Behavioral Supports (as blended PDS)
  • Adult Day Training (as blended PDS)

Contact Information

Contact the Northern Kentucky Aging and Disability Resource Center at 859.692.2480 or 866.766.2372 for eligibility requirements and more information.

Downloadable Content

Payroll Calendar 2021 – Participant
Participant – PDS Representative Tutorial
Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Tutorial
Employee EVV Mainsl Website Tutorial
HCBW-2 PDS Employee Packet

MPW-ABI PDS Employee Packet
PDS Employee Non-Kentucky Resident Tax Forms – All Waivers